The following tracks are excerpts of GWTF classes over the last 7 years of touring around the country.

All music is written improvised and performed live and solo by GWTF co-creator Benjamin Rivet. If you've never taken one of our classes before, it may be hard to envision how Ben makes all the music by himself, so we'd love to share that with you here.



Using a digital looping station, Ben plays guitar, beatboxes, and sings to create multilayered grooves that are set to a consistent tempo throughout the class. Trained in vocal performance in college and having spent the last 15 years refining his craft, Ben has acquired a unique set of performance, composition, and technical skills to be able to accomplish what you hear below. All sounds are created live with digital effects, his vocal chords and guitar. While he follows a some-what similar pattern and song structure for each GWTF class, each performance is arranged, layered and created in the moment to follow the emotional energy of the class. As  GO W/ THE FLOW has matured, so has Ben's musical abilities and technical mastery. Whether you are immersed in a class experience or meditating with headphones on the in the park, we hope you get absorbed by the focus and creativity each of these unique tracks embodies.


Instead of playing 5-10 songs like a usual concert or performance, these instrumentals are instead one continual musical thought, some as long as 90 minutes. Following the energy and tone of Tori's classes almost always leads the music to having somewhat of an arc 3/4 of the way through the class with a steady build up and cool down. The tracks below are snippets of various lengths of these classes and therefore don't always have that steady arc, but have been selected because of their head-bobbing characteristics and interesting sections or solos. If you've taken a class or have already listened to these and would like more, please shoot us and an email with your thoughts. We have countless hours of these recordings and would love to release formats that serve a purpose in peoples lives. 


You know that scene in This is Spinal Tap where the lead singer explains to the director that D Minor is "really the saddest of all keys." ? If you haven't check the link, it's hilarious..      

Originally, Ben thought that the music for the GWTF would vary from class to class, and that each event would be dramatically different in structure and tone. But after some time working on the project, we started to settle on B Minor as a good key for the overall tonal experience. B minor is not too dark when its played on guitar, and the relative major of B minor is D Major, which is really the happiest of all keys... Ben finds that this combination of harmonies and patterns creates an energy that can be motivating, calming, energizing and up-lifting. Ben also found that once he chose a specific key and structure he could improvise and compose all sorts of twists and turns within those parameters of a singles "song". So as you listen you'll find a lot of similar chord changes, structures and motifs (musical phrases). Hopefully, like your old favorite tunes, the recognizable rhythms and consistent melodic lines will provide some mental ease throughout the listening experience. We feel that the music in a yoga class should never take away from the mental quieting that can achieved in a vinyasa flow, and therefore this music is help sink you into a state of flow while you move. Everyone has their personal tastes, though.  Ben is constantly releasing new recordings from tour classes, so see what moves you!


After enough time working on the project, teaching all levels of the class to groups big and small, we found that a tempo between 82 - 89 BPM is moderately paced enough to allow for calculated, meditative breathing while performing a fairly rigorous workout.. (chatarungas!) Although this seems like a tight window to work in, you will be amazed how much the track can changes with a slightly faster tempo and beat structure. We also hear that the "tempo feels fast" at the beginning of the sequence, slow in the middle, and feels good by the end of the class. Know that the tempo is not changing, and notice how your body and breath aligns (or resists) throughout the arc of the class. What does it say about your emotional state, attention and body awareness while doing something so challenging? We find this to be the true practice of yoga. The intention is to find presence, once you've found it, the possibilities are endless!

how will you GO W/ THE FLOW?

While these groove were created originally (in the moment) to support a power vinyasa class, we've found that the longer format, steady groove and overall tone make the tracks useful for a variety of listening experiences and styles of practice. Friends and fans have told us that they listen to the GWTF instrumentals when they study, work, run, have parties, yada yada yada.. So we hope that you enjoy these snapshots of collaborative synergy no matter how you use them, and look for more recordings coming soon!