The podcasts are great. Previously, I would watch YouTube videos during my home practice and get distracted by trying to see what the teacher was doing on my tiny iPad mini, and lose that sense of focus and center. Your podcasts can be followed along easily, even if you ‘mess up’ or miss something, it is easy to get back into it without losing that inner peace.
— 31 DAYS OF GO W/ THE FLOW Participant



After over 350 classes and 150K miles of touring since early 2012, we have finally curated our favorite class recordings. The improvisational nature of the GO W/ THE FLOW project has allowed us to grow in our respective fields, and as a result the overall experience has become more immersive and cohesive. We cherish that we have an audio record of the profound experiences we've had in studios, schools, stadiums, and more along our journey. We hope they provide you with an equally immersive yoga experience and convenient way to tap into the energy we feel in each class. 

If you've never taken a live GWTF class with us, you'll find that some include partner work. If you're practicing solo, we encourage you to take advantage of these moments to practice a different pose, grab a drink or readjust your stretchy pants.. Think of it as your time to truly #gowtheflow and do what feels right for you!

All music was written, performed and produced by Benjamin Rivet. Yoga sequence and surrounding message was written and presented by Tori Reynolds.