Through GO W/ THE FLOW classes, Ben and Tori hope to awaken the breath of the beginner and revitalize that of the advanced practitioner, uniting through a commonality all yogis can thrive from: breath.

A long long time ago...

In the late winter of 2012, Ben was in the midst of his 200 hour teacher training at a small studio named Practice Yoga in Dayton, OH where Tori had picked up a couple of classes. Being the independent musician and entrepreneur he is, Ben had played a few yoga classes at the studio before he asked Tori to team up.

By using his looping station, he was able to create an ambient, energetically driven soundtrack from beatboxing, vocals, and, at the time, acoustic guitar. Originally, Ben thought playing 4-5 longer songs was a useful and entertaining addition to a yoga class, but decided after a couple of classes like that with Tori, he would try one consistent song throughout the practice.

As the class got moving Ben locked in a tempo that happened to resonate with the pace of the breath, and seemed in a way to pick up and carry the breath throughout the last half of class. During that class, Ben recorded the music he played and titled it “GO W/ THE FLOW”, and thus by accident, a project and long standing collaboration was born! 1 experimental 2-week tour and 4 GO W/ THE FLOW classes out of state later, the two decided to officially take it on the road.

Ben and Tori travelled coast to coast in 2012 teaching a few dozen classes and continued to gain momentum in 2013. During that year they taught another 100 classes in studios, stadiums, stores, and other various venues, traveled internationally, and 2014 saw them to their first, 4-class appearance at Wanderlust Festival Squaw Valley.

In the year 2015 Ben and Tori have continued to travel and spread the message of conscious breathing and the benefits of a strong community bond within and between yoga studios around the globe. They both agree that the project has grown beyond the story of two twenty-somethings teaching a simple yoga class, but that GO W/ THE FLOW is a life lesson we can all benefit from of how to be present, shift our perspectives, and interact with the world we live in.